Wood Pellet and Corn Power Burner  
Corn and wood have both received high recognition as alternative sources of heat and with good reason. Compared to traditional fossil fuels, these resources are carbon neutral and do not increase greenhouse gases, an important environmental advantage. Shelled corn and wood pellets are extremely affordable, and can reduce heating bills by 50% or more. They are abundant and readily available nearly anywhere in North America. Unlike fossil fuels, corn and wood are renewable resources that can be replenished quickly.

The Bio-Advantage Power Burner from Central Boiler provides all the advantages of heating with renewable resources, but moves the combustion outside for a safe and hassle-free operation. Heating with the Bio-Advantage improves your indoor air quality and eliminates the ashes, odors and dirt from inside your home that indoor burning creates. The system is compatible with any existing heating system including forced air, radiant floor, radiant baseboard or other space heating applications. The Bio-Advantage can be used to heat multiple buildings, pools, hot tubs, domestic hot water and more.

The Bio-Advantage is changing our energy source from the oil field to the corn field.

- Low Ash.
-   Automatic Power Ignition.
-   Low Maintenace.
-   Heats for Days on a Single Loading.
-   Up to 80% Plus Efficient*.
-   Sealed and Permanently Lubricated Gear Drive with High Torque Motors.
-   Adjustable output up to 75 kW.
- Burns Shelled Corn or Wood Pellets.
-   Environmentally Friendly.
-   Heats Multiple Buildings.
-   Heats Pools, Hot Tubs and Domestic Water.
-   Interchangeable with Complete Gas/Fuel Oil Option.
-   Bio-Advantage can be Removed so Furnace can Burn Wood Only.
*Efficiency is dependent on fuel quality and furnace settings.
- Side Mounted Hopper, 247 litre and 493 litre.
-   Freestanding Bin.
- Freestanding Hex Hopper, 1515 litre.
How it works

Forced Air Heating System with Domestic Hot Water Heater.

Click here for a flash animation of the Bio-Advantage at work.
Hoppers & Bins
Optional 1515 litre hex hopper
shown with CL 7260
Optional freestanding bin
Additonal Photos
View of power burner
inside the firebox
Transparant view of
auger system

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